n i c k e l
American String Nickel (pure nickel for electric guitar) – Pure tone and warm response of 100% nickel guitar string sets.  Great for any player who wants a warmer tone from any guitar.  Order yours today!

a l l o y  52
Our Alloy 52(52% nickel alloy for electric guitar) – Maximum output, harmonic response and flexibility.  Whether you play rock or jazz-rock fusion these are the string sets for you.  Order yours today!

s t e e l
Our Steel (8% nickel plated steel for electric guitar) -More aggressive sounding and biting (with plenty of mid-range).  Great for driving a bright signal through effects boxes. Order yours today!

b r o n z e  85
American String Bronze 85 (85/15 bronze alloy for archtop guitar) – Premium acoustic/archtop string sets for premium instruments of the highest quality.  Order yours today!